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PT Citra Digital Lintas (CDL) is fresh IT startup company based on Jakarta, Indonesia. We help company to overcome digital disruption and transform it from threat to opportunity. We deliver solutions to accelerate business process to be ready to the era of industrial revolution 4.0


CDL consist of people with various expertise such as: E-Gov, Enterprise, E-commerce, Fintech, AdTech, BankTech, Digital Transformation. Engineering: Agile, Kanban, Scrum. Architectures: Client-server, PWA, Mobile. Security: PKI, Cryptography, Data integrity, Secure coding


CDL had many experinces in any IT systems development in the past. Now we are about to help other to develop more, not only robust but it has to have many positive impacts. We also have collaboration with Indonesia government, to run some IT projects in financial inclusion for SME.

our projectscdl

We serves public and private clients by addressing fundamental needs for systems, infrastructure, resource management, advanced development services. We provide clients with technical studies, design and planning, developing, deploy solutions to address their needs.

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our clientscdl

Our clients come from both the public sector and the private sector across industries, including large national companies, small and medium enterprises, hospitals, publishers and public institutions from across Indonesia. Our focus and goal is certain - to help our clients improve their organizational performance through modern IT system and practices.